AssetPostprocessor.OnPostprocessAllAssets 在导入所有资源之后

function OnPostprocessAllAssets (importedAssets : string[], deletedAssets : string[], movedAssets : string[], movedFromPath : string[]) : void


This is called after importing of any number of assets is complete (when the Assets progress bar has reached the end).


This call can occur after a manual reimport, or any time you move an asset or folder of assets to a new location in the Project View. All string arrays are filepaths relative to the Project's root Assets folder. importedAssets contains paths of all assets used in the operation. Each consecutive index of movedAssets and movedFromAssetPaths will always refer to the same asset.


If you perform a bulk operation on several individual assets instead of a folder containing those assets, this function will be called once per asset with each individual asset as the only item in the various arrays.


class MyAllPostprocessor extends AssetPostprocessor {

	static function OnPostprocessAllAssets (
	importedAssets : String[],
	deletedAssets : String[],
	movedAssets : String[],
	movedFromAssetPaths : String[])
		for (var str in importedAssets) {
			Debug.Log("Reimported Asset: " + str);

		for (var str in deletedAssets) {
			Debug.Log("Deleted Asset: " + str);

		for (var i=0;i < movedAssets.Length;i++) {
			Debug.Log("Moved Asset: " + movedAssets[i] + " from: " + movedFromAssetPaths[i]);
Page last updated: 2011-1-8