Camera.WorldToViewportPoint 世界转视窗位置

function WorldToViewportPoint (position : Vector3) : Vector3


Transforms position from world space into viewport space.


Viewport space is normalized and relative to the camera. The bottom-left of the camera is (0,0); the top-right is (1,1). The z position is in world units from the camera.


using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class example : MonoBehaviour {
	public Transform target;
	void Update() {
		Vector3 viewPos = camera.WorldToViewportPoint(target.position);
		if (viewPos.x > 0.5F)
			print("target is on the right side!");
			print("target is on the left side!");
// Finds out whether target is on the left or right side of the screen
var target : Transform;

function Update () {
	var viewPos : Vector3 = camera.WorldToViewportPoint (target.position);
	// viewport coordinates range from zero to one
	if( viewPos.x > 0.5 )
		print ("target is on the right side!");
		print ("target is on the left side!");
Page last updated: 2011-3-7