ClothSkinningCoefficient.maxDistanceBias 最大距离偏移

var maxDistanceBias : float


Distorts the sphere defined by the maxDistance based on skinned mesh normals.


The feature is disabled for a value of 0.0 (default). In this case the max distance sphere is undistorted. Decreasing the maxDistanceBias towards -1.0 reduces the distance the vertex is allowed to travel in the tangential direction.For -1.0 the vertex has to stay on the normal through the skinned mesh vertex position and within maxDistance to the skinned mesh vertex position. Increasing maxDistanceBias towards 1.0 reduces the discance the vertex is allowed to travel in the normal direction. At 1.0 the vertex can only move inside the tangental plane within maxDistance from the skinned mesh vertex position. Default: 0.0 Range: [-1.0, 1.0]

值为0.0的时,为禁用(默认值),在这种情况下在,最大距离球体是不变形的。向-0.1减小maxDistanceBias值,顶点允许在切线方向运动减少距离。对于-1.0的顶点停留在蒙皮网格顶点位置法线上并且在maxDistance到蒙皮网格顶点位置内。向1.0增加maxDistanceBias值,顶点允许在法线方向运动减少距离,在1.0的顶点,只能在maxDistance从蒙皮网格顶点位置的切线平面内移动。默认:0.0 范围:[-1.0,1.0]

Page last updated: 2011-1-8