Cubemap.GetPixels 获取像素颜色列表

function GetPixels (face : CubemapFace, miplevel : int = 0) : Color[]


Returns pixel colors of a cubemap face.


This function returns an array of pixel colors of the whole mip level of a cubemap face.


The returned array is a flattened 2D array, where pixels are laid out left to right, top to bottom (i.e. row after row). Array size is width by height of the mip level used. The default mip level is zero (the base texture) in which case the size is just the size of the texture. In general case, mip level size is mipSize=max(1,width>>miplevel).

返回的数组是一个2D数组,其中像素是从左到右,从上到下放置(一排又一排 )。数组的大小是所使用的mip等级的宽乘高。默认的mip等级是零(基本纹理)在这种情况下大小仅为纹理的大小。一般地,mip等级尺寸是mipSize=max(1,width>>miplevel)。

The texture must have the Is Readable flag set in the import settings, otherwise this function will fail.


Using GetPixels can be faster than calling GetPixel repeatedly, especially for large textures. In addition, GetPixels can access individual mipmap levels.


参见: SetPixels, mipmapCount.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class example : MonoBehaviour {
	public Cubemap c;
	public Texture2D t;
	private Color[] CubeMapColors;
	public void Awake() {
		CubeMapColors = c.GetPixels(CubemapFace.PositiveX);
// copy the +X face of a cubemap to a texture.

var c : Cubemap;
var t : Texture2D;
private var CubeMapColors : Color[];
CubeMapColors = c.GetPixels(CubemapFace.PositiveX);
//Apply changes to the copied texture
Page last updated: 2011-3-18