EditorWindow.GetWindowWithRect 获取rect处的窗口

static function GetWindowWithRect (t : System.Type, rect : Rect, utility : bool = false, title : string = null) : EditorWindow



Returns the first EditorWindow of type t which is currently on the screen.


If there is none, creates and shows new window at the position rect and returns the instance of it.


EditorWindow.GetWindowWithRect 获取rect处的窗口

Create an empty 100x150px window at the upper left corner of the screen.

// Create a dockable empty window at the top left corner of the screen
// with 100px width and 150px height

import UnityEditor;

class GetWindowRectEx extends EditorWindow {
	@MenuItem("Example/Display simple sized Window")
	static function Initialize() {
		var window : GetWindowEx =
			EditorWindow.GetWindowWithRect(GetWindowRectEx, Rect(0, 0, 100, 150));
Page last updated: 2011-6-24