FileUtil.GetUniqueTempPathInProject 在项目获取唯一临时路径

static function GetUniqueTempPathInProject () : string


Returns a unique path in the Temp folder within your current project.


The returned path is relative to the project folder.


The returned path is of a form Temp/UnityTempFile-uniqueID, where uniqueID is guaranteed to be unique over space and time.

返回路径的格式是这样的 Temp/UnityTempFile-uniqueID ,uniqueID 保证了在时间跟空间上的唯一性。

You can use it to create temporary files/folders and be sure that you are not overriding somebody else's files, plus you don't have to keep track of the unique IDs yourself.


@MenuItem ("Example/Get Unique Path")
static function GetUniqueProjectPath () {
	// Prints the unique path
	Debug.Log (FileUtil.GetUniqueTempPathInProject ());
Page last updated: 2011-5-7