GL.GetGPUProjectionMatrix 获取GPU投影矩阵

static function GetGPUProjectionMatrix (proj : Matrix4x4, renderIntoTexture : bool) : Matrix4x4


Compute GPU projection matrix from camera's projection matrix.


In Unity, projection matrices follow OpenGL convention. However on some platforms they have to be transformed a bit to match the native API requirements. Use this function to calculate how the final projection matrix will be like. The value will match what comes as UNITY_MATRIX_P matrix in a shader.

在 Unity 中,投影矩阵的规则和OpenGL中的规则一样。 在不同的平台上,这种规则不一定相同。因此必须变化这个规则来调用不同的API。可以用这个函数得到最终的投影矩阵。

The renderIntoTexture value should be set to true if you intend to render into a RenderTexture with this projection matrix. On some platforms it affects how the final matrix will look like.


Page last updated: 2011-3-21