Handles.RotationHandle 旋转控制柄

static function RotationHandle (rotation : Quaternion, position : Vector3) : Quaternion



Quaternion - the modified rotation Note: Use HandleUtility.GetHandleSize where you might want to have constant screen-sized handles.

返回四元数,修改的旋转。注意:使用Use HandleUtility.GetHandleSize你可能希望有恒定屏幕大小的控制柄。


Make a Scene view rotation handle.


This will behave like the built-in rotation tool in Unity. If you have assigned something to Undo.SetSnapshotInfo, it will work fully with Undo.


Handles.RotationHandle 旋转控制柄

Rotate the attached object from the Rotation Handle.

//Create a rotation handle at (0,0,0) and rotate any object that has "RotateAtPoint.js"
// attached from 0,0,0.
//在(0,0,0) 创建旋转控制柄,并旋转从0,0,0附加的带有RotateAtPoint.js的任意物体

@CustomEditor (RotateAtPoint)
class RotationHandleJS extends Editor {
	function OnSceneGUI () {
		target.rot = Handles.RotationHandle (target.rot, Vector3.zero);
		if (GUI.changed)
			EditorUtility.SetDirty (target);

And the Script attached to this handle:


// RotateAtPoint.js
// This Script has to be outside of the editor folder.
// Usage: Just Place this script on the object you want to work the handle with.
// And control the Object's rotation from the handle that appears at 0,0,0 when
// This object is selected.
@script ExecuteInEditMode()
var rot : Quaternion = Quaternion.identity;

function Update () {
	transform.rotation = rot;
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