Handles.Slider 滑动柄

static function Slider (position : Vector3, direction : Vector3) : Vector3
static function Slider (position : Vector3, direction : Vector3, size : float, drawFunc : DrawCapFunction, snap : float) : Vector3



Make a 3D slider


This will draw a 3D-draggable handle on the screen. The handle is constrained to sliding along a direction vector in 3D space.


Slider handle in the Scene View.

// Simple script that creates a Magenta Slide Handle that
// points to (0,0,0) nomatter where the target GameObject is located.
@CustomEditor (Slide)
class SliderHandleJS extends Editor {
	function OnSceneGUI () {
		Handles.color = Color.magenta;
		target.vectorPoint = Handles.Slider (target.vectorPoint,
		Vector3.zero - target.transform.position);
		if (GUI.changed)
			EditorUtility.SetDirty (target);

And the script attached to this Handle:


// Usage: Place this script on the Game Object you want to use the
// editor-created slide handle.

@script ExecuteInEditMode()

var vectorPoint : Vector3 = Vector3(0,0,0);

function Update() {
	Debug.Log("Looking at: " + vectorPoint);
Page last updated: 2011-7-7