LensFlare.color 颜色

var color : Color


The color of the flare.


This controls the color of some flare elements (the ones that have use light color enabled).


using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class example : MonoBehaviour {
	public LensFlare lf;
	public Transform tr;
	void Update() {
		float percentage = 1 / Vector3.Distance(lf.transform.position, tr.position);
		lf.color = new Color(percentage, percentage, percentage);
// Changes the color of the LensFlare (on a gray scale) from black to white.
// More white when tr gets near the LensFlare, and darker when the transform goes away.
// Remember that the color works on elements that have adlight color enabled.
var lf : LensFlare;
var tr : Transform;

function Update() {
	var percentage : float = 1/Vector3.Distance(lf.transform.position, tr.position);
	lf.color = Color(percentage, percentage, percentage);
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