Lightmapping.Clear 清除

static function Clear () : void


Deletes all lightmap assets and makes all lights behave as if they weren't baked yet.


Only those assets are deleted that are in the folder with the same name as the scene name AND their name follows the pattern LightmapFar-#.exr or LightmapNear-#.exr.

在文件夹具有相同名称作为场景名和它们的名字如下的模式LightmapFar-#.exr 或 LightmapNear-#.exr,只有那些资源被删除。

If LightmapEditorSettings.lockAtlas is disabled, it will also clear the lightmaps array and clear lightmap indices on all objects.

如果LightmapEditorSettings.lockAtlas被禁用,它也将清除光照贴图数组和清除所有物体上的 光照贴图索引。

Page last updated: 2011-6-28