Material.SetTexture 设置纹理

function SetTexture (propertyName : string, texture : Texture) : void


Set a named texture.


Many shaders use more than one texture. Use SetTexture to change the propertyName texture.

许多着色器都使用超过一张纹理,可以使用SetTexture改变 propertyName的纹理

Common texture names used by Unity's builtin shaders:
在unity着色器中使用的统一的纹理名称 :

"_MainTex" is the main diffuse texture. This can also be accessed via mainTexture property.
"_MainTex"是主要的漫反射纹理,也能通过 mainTexture 属性访问

"_BumpMap" is the normal map.

"_Cube" is the reflection cubemap.

参见: mainTexture 属性, GetTexture .

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class example : MonoBehaviour {
	public Texture bumpMap;
	public void Awake() {
		renderer.material.SetTexture("_BumpMap", bumpMap);
var bumpMap : Texture;
renderer.material.SetTexture("_BumpMap", bumpMap);
Page last updated: 2011-1-22