Mesh.tangents 网格切线

var tangents : Vector4[]


The tangents of the mesh.


Tangents are mostly used in bump-mapped shaders. A tangent is a unit length vector that follows mesh surface along horizontal (U) texture direction. Tangents in Unity are represented as Vector4, with x,y,z components defining the vector, and w used to flip the binormal if needed.

切线主要用于bump-mapped shaders。切线是一个有方向的单位长度,沿着网格表面指向水平(U)纹理方向。在Unity中切线被描述为Vector4,包括x,y,z这些组件定义的矢量,如果需要,及w用来翻转副法线。

Unity calculates the other surface vector (binormal) by taking a cross product between normal and tangent, and multiplying result by tangent.w. Thus w should always be 1 or -1.


You should calculate tangents yourself if you plan to use bump-mapped shaders on the mesh. Assign tangents after assigning normals or using RecalculateNormals


Page last updated: 2010-12-9