MonoBehaviour.LateUpdate 晚于更新

function LateUpdate () : void


LateUpdate is called every frame, if the Behaviour is enabled.


LateUpdate is called after all Update functions have been called. This is useful to order script execution. For example a follow camera should always be implemented in LateUpdate because it tracks objects that might have moved inside Update.


using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class example : MonoBehaviour {
	void LateUpdate() {
		transform.Translate(0, 0, Time.deltaTime * 1);
// Moves the object forward 1 meter a second
// 以每秒1米的速度向前移动物体
function LateUpdate () {
	transform.Translate(0, 0, Time.deltaTime * 1);

In order to get the elapsed time since last call to LateUpdate, use Time.deltaTime . This function is only called if the Behaviour is enabled. Override this function in order to provide your component's functionality.


Page last updated: 2011-1-2