MonoBehaviour.OnTriggerStay 当逗留触发器

function OnTriggerStay (other : Collider) : void


OnTriggerStay is called once per frame for every Collider other that is touching the trigger .


This message is sent to the trigger and the collider that touches the trigger. Note that trigger events are only sent if one of the colliders also has a rigid body attached.


using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class example : MonoBehaviour {
	void OnTriggerStay(Collider other) {
		if (other.attachedRigidbody)
			other.attachedRigidbody.AddForce(Vector3.up * 10);


// Applies an upwards force to all rigidbodies that enter the trigger.
// 对进入触发器的刚体施加一个向上的力
function OnTriggerStay (other : Collider ) {
	if (other.attachedRigidbody)
		other.attachedRigidbody.AddForce( Vector3.up * 10);

OnTriggerStay can be a co-routine, simply use the yield statement in the function.


Page last updated: 2011-1-2