MonoBehaviour.OnWillRenderObject 当渲染物体之前

function OnWillRenderObject () : void


OnWillRenderObject is called once for each camera if the object is visible.


The function is not called if the MonoBehaviour is disabled.


The function is called during the culling process just before rendering all culled objects. You might use this to create dependent render textures and you want to update the render texture only if the rendered object will actually be visible. As an example this is used by the water component.


Camera.current will be set to the camera that will render the object.


using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class example : MonoBehaviour {
	public GameObject otherObject;
	void OnWillRenderObject() {
		otherObject.transform.localScale *= 1.0001F;
// Increases the size of otherObject while this transform is being rendered.
// Be aware that this will be called even if the Scene Editor displays the object
// So make sure to not see the object either in the game view nor the scene editor.
// When on Play mode.
// 当此transform被渲染时增大物体大小. 在运行模式下,注意在场景编辑器显示物体时,game面板和场景编辑器任何一个没有看到物体时,此函数是否被调用,
var otherObject : GameObject ;

function OnWillRenderObject() {
	otherObject.transform.localScale *= 1.0001;
Page last updated: 2011-1-2