MonoBehaviour Mono行为

Inherits from Behaviour

MonoBehaviour is the base class every script derives from.


Using Javascript every script automatically derives from MonoBehaviour. When using C# or Boo you have to explicitly derive from MonoBehaviour.


Note: The checkbox for disabling a MonoBehavior (on the editor) will only prevent Start(), Awake(), Update(), FixedUpdate(), and OnGUI() from executing. If none of these functions are present, the checkbox is not displayed.

注意:MonoBehavior对象(编辑器中)的复选框,只有在其有Start(),Awake(),Update(), FixedUpdate()和 OnGUI()函数时显示,没有这些函数时则隐藏。(另注:译者在PC上Windows平台测试结果与此注释所描述情况不符)



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