MovieTexture.audioClip 音频剪辑

var audioClip : AudioClip


Returns the AudioClip belonging to the MovieTexture.


Note that this is a special AudioClip which will always play its audio synchronized to the movie. If you attach a Movie's audioClip to a source in the editor, it will start playing automatically when the movie is playing, Otherwise you'll have to start it manually when you start the movie. The clip can only be attached to one single AudioSource.

注意这是一个特定的AudioClip它总是与电影同步播放音频。在编辑器中如果你将电影 的audioClip附加到一个源上,它将在电影播放的时候自动开始播放,否则你必须收动开始它,剪辑只能被附加到一个AudioSource。

Page last updated: 2011-3-18