Projector 投影器

Inherits from Behaviour

A script interface for a projector component.


The Projector can be used to project any material onto the scene - just like a real world projector. The properties exposed by this class are an exact match for the values in the Projector's inspector.

Projector可以投射任意材质到场景上- 就像真实世界的投影仪。这个类属性暴露完全匹配用于在Projector的检视面板的值。

It can be used to implement blob or projected shadows. You could also project an animated texture or a render texture that films another part of the scene. The projector will render all objects in its view frustum with the provided material.



There is no shortcut property in GameObject or Component to access the Projector, so you must use GetComponent to do it:


using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class example : MonoBehaviour {
	void Start() {
		Projector proj = GetComponent<Projector>();
		proj.nearClipPlane = 0.5F;
function Start() {
	// Get the projector
	var proj : Projector = GetComponent (Projector);
	// Use it 使用它
	proj.nearClipPlane = 0.5;


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