RaycastHit.textureCoord 纹理坐标

var textureCoord : Vector2


The uv texture coordinate at the impact point.


This can be used for 3D texture painting or drawing bullet marks. If the collider is no mesh collider, zero Vector2 will be returned.


// Attach this script to a camera and it will paint black pixels in 3D
// on whatever the user clicks. Make sure the mesh you want to paint
// on has a mesh collider attached.
function Update () {
	// Only when we press the mouse
	if (!Input.GetMouseButton (0))

	// Only if we hit something, do we continue
	var hit : RaycastHit;
	if (!Physics.Raycast (camera.ScreenPointToRay(Input.mousePosition), hit))

	// Just in case, also make sure the collider also has a renderer
	// material and texture. Also we should ignore primitive colliders.
	var renderer : Renderer = hit.collider.renderer;
	var meshCollider = hit.collider as MeshCollider;
	if (renderer == null || renderer.sharedMaterial == null ||
		renderer.sharedMaterial.mainTexture == null || meshCollider == null)

	// Now draw a pixel where we hit the object
	var tex : Texture2D = renderer.material.mainTexture;
	var pixelUV = hit.textureCoord;
	pixelUV.x *= tex.width;
	pixelUV.y *= tex.height;

	tex.SetPixel(pixelUV.x, pixelUV.y, Color.black);


参见:Physics.Raycast, Physics.Linecast, Physics.RaycastAll.

Page last updated: 2011-3-13