Rigidbody 刚体

Inherits from Component

Control of an object's position through physics simulation.


Rigidbody components take control over an object's position - it makes the objects fall down under the influence of gravity, and can calculate how objects will respond to collisions.

Rigidbody组件控制物体的位置 - 它使物体在重力影响下下落,并可计算物体将怎样响应碰撞。

When manipulating rigidbody parameters you should work inside the FixedUpdate function. Physics simulation is carried out in discrete timesteps. The FixedUpdate function is called immediately before each step.


Things to watch out for when using rigid bodies:


1. If your simulation looks like slow motion and not solid: This is a problem of scale. When your game world is huge everything will appear to be move very slowly. Make sure all your models are in real world sizes. For example a car should be around 4 meters long. A character around 2 meters high. An object falls at the same acceleration no matter big or small, heavy or light. If your game world has a large scale, objects will still fall at the same acceleration. But since everything is larger, objects will appear like they fall slower.

如果你的模拟看起来像慢动作并且不真实: 这是缩放的问题。如果你的游戏世界非常大,所以的东西将显示移动非常慢,确保你所有的模型为真实世界大小。例如,一个汽车应该有4米长,一个角色约2米高。物体以相同的加速度下落,不论大或小,重或轻。如果你的游戏世界有较大的缩放,物体仍以相同的加速度下落,但是因为所有的物体都比较大,物体的下落显得就比较慢。



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