Screen.lockCursor 锁定光标

static var lockCursor : bool


Should the cursor be locked?


The cursor will automatically be hidden, centered on view and made to never leave the view.


In the web player the cursor may only only be locked after the user has clicked on the content and the user has not left the content view with the cursor. After the user presses escape or switches to another application the cursor will be automatically unlocked. The cursor lock will also be lost when exiting full screen mode. You can query if the cursor is currently locked by checking the lockCursor state. To provide a good user experience it is recommended to only lock the cursor as a result of pressing a button. Also you should check if the cursor got unlocked, in order to e.g. pause the game or bring up a game menu. In the Web Player and Editor the cursor will automatically be unlocked when you press escape. In the Standalone Player you have full control over mouse locking thus it won't automatically lose mouse lock unless you switch applications.



using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class example : MonoBehaviour {
	void DidLockCursor() {
		Debug.Log("Locking cursor");
		guiTexture.enabled = false;
	void DidUnlockCursor() {
		Debug.Log("Unlocking cursor");
		guiTexture.enabled = true;
	void OnMouseDown() {
		Screen.lockCursor = true;
	private bool wasLocked = false;
	void Update() {
		if (Input.GetKeyDown("escape"))
			Screen.lockCursor = false;

		if (!Screen.lockCursor && wasLocked) {
			wasLocked = false;
		} else
			if (Screen.lockCursor && !wasLocked) {
				wasLocked = true;
// Called when the cursor is actually being locked
function DidLockCursor () {
Debug.Log("Locking cursor");

// Disable the button
guiTexture.enabled = false;

// Called when the cursor is being unlocked
// or by a script calling Screen.lockCursor = false;
//当光标解锁时调用,或由一个脚本调用Screen.lockCursor = false;
function DidUnlockCursor () {
Debug.Log("Unlocking cursor");

// Show the button again
guiTexture.enabled = true;

function OnMouseDown () {
// Lock the cursor
Screen.lockCursor = true;

private var wasLocked = false;

function Update () {
	// In standalone player we have to provide our own key
	// input for unlocking the cursor
if (Input.GetKeyDown ("escape")) Screen.lockCursor = false; // Did we lose cursor locking? //我们失去了光标锁定? // eg. because the user pressed escape // or because he switched to another application // or because some script set Screen.lockCursor = false; //例如因为用户按下Esc或因为他切换了其他应用程序,或因为某些脚本设置了Screen.lockCursor = false; if (!Screen.lockCursor && wasLocked) { wasLocked = false; DidUnlockCursor(); } // Did we gain cursor locking? //我们在次光标锁定? else if (Screen.lockCursor && !wasLocked) { wasLocked = true; DidLockCursor (); } }
Page last updated: 2011-1-17