Shader.SetGlobalFloat 设置全局浮点数

static function SetGlobalFloat (propertyName : string, value : float) : void


Sets a global float property for all shaders.


Global properties are used if a shader needs them but the material does not have them defined (for example, if the shader does not expose them in Properties block).

如果一个着色器需要某个属性,但材质没有定义它们将使用全局属性(例如,如果着色器不在 Properties模块中暴露它们)。

Usually this is used if you have a set of custom shaders that all use the same "global" float (for example, density of some custom fog type). Then you can set the global property from script and don't have to setup the same float in all materials.


参见:SetGlobalColor, SetGlobalTexture; Material class

Page last updated: 2011-3-31