Texture2D.Compress 压缩

function Compress (highQuality : bool) : void


Compress texture into DXT format.


Use this to compress textures generated at runtime. Compressed textures use less graphics memory and are faster to render.


After compression, texture will be in DXT1 format if the original texture had no alpha channel, and in DXT5 format if it had alpha channel.


Passing true for highQuality parameter will dither the source texture during compression, which helps to reduce compression artifacts but is slightly slower.

传递 true 到 highQuality 则会在压缩过程中抖动源纹理,这样会提高压缩质量但是也会让压缩速度变慢

If the graphics card does not support compression or the texture is already in compressed format, then Compress will do nothing.


In the Editor scripts, you probably want to use EditorUtility.CompressTexture , which will compress using slower, but higher quality DXT compression.


参见: SetPixels 函数, EditorUtility.CompressTexture

Page last updated: 2010-12-18