Texture2D.GetPixelBilinear 双线性获取像素颜色

function GetPixelBilinear (u : float, v : float) : Color


Returns filtered pixel color at normalized coordinates (u, v).


Coordinates u and v go from 0.0 to 1.0, just like UV coordinates in meshes. If coordinates are out of bounds (larger than 1.0 or smaller than 0.0), they will be clamped or repeated based on the texture's wrap mode.

坐标U和V 是从0.0到1.0的值,就像是网格模型上的UV坐标。如果坐标超出边界(大于1.0或小于0.0),它将基于纹理的包裹重复方式进行限制或重复。

Returned pixel color is bilinearly filtered.


The texture must have the Is Readable flag set in the import settings, otherwise this function will fail.

这个纹理需要在导入设置里设置为Is Readable(可读),否则此函数将会无效。

参见: GetPixel .

Page last updated: 2010-12-18