Texture2D.mipmapCount 多级纹理数

var mipmapCount : int


How many mipmap levels are in this texture (Read Only).


The returned value includes the base level as well, so it is always 1 or more.


Mipmap count is used if you use GetPixels or SetPixels to fetch or modify the different mip levels. For example, you could change a texture so that each mip level is tinted in a different color - then in the game you'd see which mip levels are actually visible.

如果您使用 GetPixels 或 SetPixels 来读取或修改不同 mip 级别的纹理,则使用 Mipmap 计数。举例来说,您可以更改纹理,以便每个mip 级别以不同的颜色着色,然后在游戏中,您将看到哪些mip级别是实际可见的。

参见: GetPixels 函数, SetPixels 函数

Page last updated: 2010-12-17