TrueTypeFontImporter.use2xBehaviour 使用2.x行为

var use2xBehaviour : bool


If this is enabled, font layouting will be the same as in Unity 2.x.

如果这个被启用,字体布局将同 Unity 2.x 用一样。

Unity 2.x would in same cases position fonts differently depending on the imported character set, which would sometimes require users to tweak their GUI skins, so the font placing would be correct. Enable this, if you want to use your old 2.x GUI skins, without any differences in text layout.

Unity 2.x的情况下将在同一位置的字体​​不同,具体取决于导入字符设置,这有时会要求用户来调整自己的GUI皮肤,所以字体放置将是正确的。启用这个,如果你想使用老2.x的GUI皮肤,在文本布局没有任何差别。

Not recommended for any new projects!


Page last updated: 2011-5-27