Undo.RegisterSceneUndo 注册场景撤销

static function RegisterSceneUndo (name : string) : void



Register the state of the entire scene so the user can later undo back to that state.


This is the easiest, most robust, but slowest way to store an Undo operation. Call this method before performing an operation that it should be possible to undo.



// Editor Script that lets you change the color of the material of your
// Selected objects to red.

@MenuItem("Example/Mass Set Materials")
static function MassSetAlpha() {
	Undo.RegisterSceneUndo("Mass Set Materials");
	for (var obj : GameObject in Selection.gameObjects) {
		obj.renderer.sharedMaterial.color = Color.red;
// If nothing is selected, the menu will be disabled
@MenuItem ("Example/Mass Set Materials", true)
static function ValidateMoveToOrigin () {
	return Selection.activeTransform != null;
Page last updated: 2011-5-18