WheelCollider 车轮碰撞器

Inherits from Collider

A special collider for vehicle wheels.


Wheel collider is used to model vehicle wheels. It simulates a spring and damper suspension setup, and uses a slip based tire friction model to calculate wheel contact forces.


Wheel's collision detection is performed by casting a ray from center downwards the local y-axis. The wheel has a radius and can extend downwards by suspensionDistance amount.


The wheel is controlled with motorTorque, brakeTorque and steerAngle properties.

车轮是由motorTorque, brakeTorquesteerAngle属性控制。

Wheel collider computes friction separately from the rest of physics engine, using a slip based friction model. This allows for more realistic behaviour, but makes wheel colliders ignore standard PhysicMaterial settings. Simulation of different road materials is done by changing the forwardFriction and sidewaysFriction based on what material the wheel is hitting. See Also: GetGroundHit and WheelFrictionCurve.





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