iPhoneSettings.locationServiceStatus 定位服务状态

static var locationServiceStatus : LocationServiceStatus


Returns location service status.


"Stopped" - service is not started yet. Call iPhoneSettings.StartLocationServiceUpdates to start it.
"Stopped" - 服务还没有开始。调用iPhoneSettings.StartLocationServiceUpdates开启服务。

"Initializing" - service was started, but still initializing. Wait for some time and check status again.
"Initializing" - 服务开始,但仍然在初始化状态。等待一些时候再次检查状态。

"Running" - service is up and running, last location info could be retrieved.
"Running" - 服务开始并运行中,最近的位置信息可能被取回。

"Failed" - service startup failed, user denied access to device location.
"Failed" - 服务启动失败,用户拒绝通过定位服务

Page last updated: 2011-4-24