Basic Scripting

Data Types

Variables can be created in a variety of different types, including data types such as Boolean, integer, and float. They are color-coded for easy identification within your Blueprint.

Execution Flow

In Blueprints, the first node to execute is an event, and then execution flows through the white execution wire from left to right. You can visualize the execution flow while your game is running in the editor, which can help with debugging. Data also flows through wires colored to match the variable types. Input pins are evaluated when the node executes, tracing the data wires back from right to left until the final result is calculated and supplied to the node.

Arrays & Structures

The basic data types available in Blueprints can be organized into arrays and structures for more complex systems.

Handling Objects and Actors

Blueprint variables can also be reference types for holding things like Objects, Actors, and Classes.