Sequencer Subway


The Sequencer Subway example shows how to create film-quality cinematic sequences using Unreal Engine 4's Sequencer Editor.


Learn how to create stunning cinematics by digging into this scene built with Sequencer. From animated characters to VFX, you can go hands-on to see how everything is controlled within the Editor. Learn the ins and outs of Sequencer with Epic's cinematic example.

This example includes the same cinematic sequence created using the Matinee Editor so you can compare techniques and workflows as you move to using Sequencer.

The Master Sequence


The SubwaySequencerMASTER Sequence contains all of the Shots that make up the cinematic along with the audio tracks.


Invididual Shots

Double-clicking on any shot preview in the master Sequence opens it in the Sequencer Editor.


Viewing the Cinematic

To view the cinematic in the active Level Editor viewport, click the Lock Viewport to Shots button in the Sequencer Editor.


Click the Play button in the Sequencer Editor transport controls to play the cinematic. The active viewport now renders using the cameras in the Sequence.


Cinematic Viewport

You can switch the viewport to use the advanced Cinematic Viewport with full transport controls and advanced visualization overlays.


To Enable the Cinematic Viewport:

  1. In the Viewport Toolbar, select Cinematic Viewport.


Various viewport overlays are available in the Cinematic Viewport to better visualize the cinematic: