Web Browser

This feature is still in development and is considered Experimental. As such, some features may or may not work as expected.



This widget is used to display an in-game web browser that can host content from anywhere on the web.


Currently this widget is only supported for PC/Android with Mac/iOS support in a future release. For Android devices, the platform's native web control is used so there is no increase in executable size.

The Web Browser widget can be created through a Widget Blueprint or in C++ using Slate code and as mentioned above, is currently considered experimental so the feature will need to be enabled from Edit menu under Plugins menu. Under Widgets click Enabled on the Web Browser plugin to enable it.

Click for full view.

Once enabled, you will find the widget in the Palette window on the Designer tab of a Widget Blueprint under Experimental.



In the Details panel for a placed Web Browser widget, there are a couple of specific options that can be set that pertain to the Widget:


Option Description
Initial URL Enter the default URL that the web browser will open to. You must provide a default World Wide Web address or the page will appear blank.
Supports Transparency Enable or disable transparency of the widget web browser itself.


On the Graph, the Web Browser widget has some exposed Blueprint Functions you can call.


Node Description
Get Title Text When called, this will get the title of the currently displayed web page and return that value as text.
Load String This will load a string as data to create a web page with a dummy URL link.
Load URL This will load the specified URL when called.